Monday, November 5, 2012

Two more down...

 Colin lost his two top front teeth in the same week.
Right before Halloween...the cutest lil' Jack-o-lantern!
Now..."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

My Family

My Family
By Luke 
My Family
By Ava

Silveyville Pumpkin Farm

Another year in search of a perfect pumpkin!
If you can carry it, it's yours for the taking. 
Ava found her perfect pumpkin...she believed it was marked with the letter 'A,' just for her. 
A ride around the Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm, it's a tradition and must do for the kids. 
Love the face on this tree. I want one for our yard. 
Shamrock got to visit with his fellow Aussie's, Phefer and Trio.  We look forward to our visit here every year.  It's a wonderful family owned and run Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Farm.  We'll be back in December.

Kids Fest

Max and I took the kids and Shamrock to Kids Fest.  While we were there we met up with a few girls from Ava's Daisy Troop.
The boys loved all the police, fire and swat team units. 
Shamrock just loves all the people.  Only if we took the leash off...then he would have really been in heaven.
The boys impressed me with their Holy Hoop skills! 
Future SWAT Team member. LJ McCaffrey 
If there was a table with art, well...that's where you could find Ava.

Girl Scouts

Ava has joined Girl Scouts and is a Daisy!  Myself and 9 other moms started a co-op troop.  It has been a lot of work, but well worth it as the girls all love it.
Activities at Girls Day in the Park. 
Our first troop meeting where the girls ate pizza, made paper Daisy Girls, learned the Girl Scout Law and Promise.  This earned their first patch...the center of the daisy. 
A Halloween Costume Meeting. A fun gathering to celebrate the holiday, eat, craft and get to know our new friends. 
I was given vintage Girl Scout Buttons from my friend Sarah. 
I made Ava a Necklace she could wear with her vest to meetings. 
Daisy Dad (Max) ironed on all Ava's patches to have her vest ready for the Juliette Gordon Low Tea Party. 
An exciting day spent learning about the founder of Girl Scouts and visiting with our girlfriends over tea, sandwiches and cookies. 
Ava was given a goodie bag filled with yummy treats and Juliette doll.
                                      Kaitlyn, Ava, Ashley, Julianna, Juliette, and Hailey

Boy Scouts

Colin has become a Bear Scout with a wonderful group of boys and an awesome Den Mom.
He just jumped right in.  He already new all the boys from school.  Either they are in class together or have been in the past and play together at recess. 
Learning about making it all the way to an Eagle Scout!  Maybe he'll follow in his Uncle Craig's foot steps. 
Having fun with strength skills and team work. 
Project: Mummy Mason Jars for Halloween! 
Project: Birdhouses with Krishna's dad Clay!  
Project: TP Mummies
So far he is having a blast and looks forward to his meetings!

School Pictures Arrived

Ava: Kindergarten with Mrs. Wilcox 
Luke: Kindergarten with Mrs. Wilcox 
Colin: Third Grade with Mrs. Klobas & Mrs. Scheper

Alpaca Days

Max is off to Reno with a few VCMC members for a Dirt Bike competition.  So, I took the kids out to an Alpaca Farm for National Alpaca Day.
They were such sweet animals and for the most part very calm and gentle dispositions.  The kids loved feeding them and on Alpaca thought Ava's hair was the hay and kept trying to get a little nibble. 
After the farm we picked up some deli sandwiches and headed to Andrew's park for a picnic and then downtown to enjoy festivities at Oktoberfest. 

Volunteer Day

I had an opportunity to volunteer in Luke and Ava's Classroom during the morning
before heading out with Colin on his school field trip to the Yolo County Basin, Wildlife Reserve. 
PG & E turned off our power for the day so I was forced to close child care.  I definitely made the best of the situation and had a great day with my kids. 
Luke and Ava are so blessed with a wonderful teacher and a great group of fellow Kindergartners. 
They are both doing their best and it is showing. 
The Wildlife Reserve was a beautiful way to end my day. 
I look forward to taking Luke and Ava back with us on another visit.   
Each child and parent were given a pair of binoculars and each parent guide received a two way radio that allowed us to hear a Reserve Guide explain what were looking at, what the land is used for and ways to look for clues of what animals inhabit the area.  The kids tried really hard to find the luck though.

End of Fall Ball

Fall Ball Season came to an end.  Just as the boys have really gotten to know one another and they are
working so well as team, it's time to stop.  Boo hoo! 
A team pizza party after their last game ended the season.  Coach Dave presented the boys with trophies and baseballs signed by each player and coach.  A nice keepsake.